TV Zion Piracy App Shut Down

TV Zion App Shutdown IPVanish

Breaking News! TV Zion Piracy App Shut Down.

TV Zion Shut Down

As you may or may not know by now the TV Zion movie and tv show app has reportedly been shut down. TV Zion was an extremely popular site within the cord cutting community and had over the last year or so established itself as a reliable source for watching free movies and tv shows via various streaming devices.

While I myself have not spoken directly with the developer or any TV Zion representatives to get an official statement verifying or denying any information regarding this matter. Rumors are quickly spreading throughout the streaming community as heartbroken fans of the app search for answers. YouTubers, popular chat groups, and streaming news sites like Torrent Freak are reporting that the shutdown is a direct result of an ACE (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment) cease and desist settlement agreement.

What Is ACE?

ACE is an acronym for the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment initiative. ACE as described on their website “is a global coalition of leading content creators and on-demand entertainment services committed to supporting the legal marketplace for video content and addressing the challenge of online piracy.” Which is a fancy way of saying that all the big networks and movie studios have joined together to go after and shut down sites like TV Zion and any other site that is involved in piracy.

ace members tv zion shut down

TV Zion, like other similar “piracy” apps, didn’t actually host any content on their site. Instead the application acted as a search tool. So, whenever you searched for and select one of the listed movies or tv show titles, the app itself, simply performed a targeted internet search. By design, it would crawl certain movie and tv show hosting websites looking for the content you requested. When successful, it would find and return links to the videos hosted on those sites. Thus allowing you to watch on your streaming devices. Since there is so much content readily available online, it would easily find everything from classic Hollywood titles to current recently released tv shows and movies. In fact, some of the movies shown were still only available in theaters.

What now?

Those of you who depended on TV Zion to stream your favorite movies and tv shows might be wondering “What will I do now?” “Is there a good replacement?” and If so, “how do I get it?” Fortunately, you’re in luck. Because now more than ever before, the creative industries are offering audiences more legal choices for streaming content. From free streaming platforms like Tubi TV and NBC Universal’s Peacock TV, to popular low-cost options like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Starz, and Fubo TV. It’s never been easier than it is right now to access quality entertainment at home and on the go.

Over 150 Ways To Watch Movies And TV Shows Legally.

There are over 150 sites, apps, and services available that offer legal access to your favorite movies and television shows. So, if you’re interested in finding out more information about these fantastic options, then Click Here and See A List Of Site For Watch Movies and TV Shows Legally.

Looking For TV ZION Alternatives?

For those of you who are looking for other apps exactly like TV Zion,  just Click Here To See 10 TV Zion Alternatives. But please use caution if you decide to go this route and protect yourselves by using a vpn like IPVanish. There are watchdog groups online monitoring and keeping track of your browsing history. They can easily follow the data trail transferring from the pirated movie sites to your IP Address. So please be smart and browse anonymously online.

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