Now, after full disclosure, we can confidently move forward with this discussion.  With regards to using Kodi the most frequently asked question that people are asking and debating all around the world has to be “is Kodi legal?”

And the short answer is yes, technically it’s legal. But…   

It’s important to remember that the official version of the Kodi software contains absolutely no content. Kodi is simply a media player, similar to the Windows Media Player or the VLC players that are used legally by a countless number of people everyday.

Were it gets tricky is when you download unofficial Kodi add-ons that stream unauthorized copyrighted content. In other words, if you are streaming that new box office blockbuster movie in your living room for free two days after it was released; or if you have neither a HBO or Netflix subscription, however you are still streaming the newest episode of Game Of Thrones and you are binge watching the entire new season of Orange Is The New Black on your Android box; chances are almost certain that you are using a third party plugin that is sourcing pirated content and this may be illegal.

While It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that distributing bootleg unauthorized pirated material without the consent of the copyright holder is illegal. What is not always so clear cut is whether the end user has any liability under the law.

At this point if you agree that Kodi in it’s native application is 100% legal and you accept the argument that depending on how it’s used Kodi usage can definitely get into a gray area with regards to copyright infringement laws. Then the real question becomes… Can I get in trouble for streaming pirated content?

If you live in the EU, the answer could be yes following a landmark court case and if recently proposed legislation becomes law ( Digital Economy Act 2017 ).

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If you live in the U.S. the law is not as clearly defined. But remember this may change in the future.

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