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Instructions For Installing Show Box On Laptop Or Desktop Computer:

  1. Open web browser and search for Bluestacks Android Emulator:
  2. Select Bluestacks Android Emulator Download link and Install the  software.
  3. After Bluestacks download is complete, select run to finish program installation.
  4. Minimize Bluestacks window and open browser again.
  5. Go to and download the Show Box apk
  6. After download is complete, click it, select save as, name and place it in an folder (I suggest that you create an APK File Folder).
  7. Go back to Bluestacks and select the three dots next to “Installed Apps”
  8. Move cursor to over and select “Install APK”.
  9. Go to the apk folder that you created and select the apk
  10. After installation is complete, open app and enjoy!