Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology that connects two computers over the internet using a secure connection. This secure connection is often referred to as a VPN tunnel. Using a VPN tunnel allows you to access every website and online service privately and securely by encapsulating your data before it is transferred across the internet. Because the data is now encrypted, hackers, internet service providers, copyright watchdogs, government agencies, and corporations are prevented from tracking and monitoring your online activities

Under normal circumstances, before you can browse the internet, you must first connect your device to your Internet Service Provider(ISP). From this point, it is your ISP which then connects you to any websites that you want to visit. Under this scenario, all of your internet traffic passes through your ISP’s servers and can be viewed by the usual suspects also known as the “internet spies”. This group includes not only your internet service providers, who now, thanks to congress, can collect data on your browsing history and sell it to advertisers; but also corporations, governmental agencies, your workplace, or school, and hackers who want to steal your confidential information.

On the other hand, when using a Virtual Private Network, you still connect to your internet service provider first; however, instead of your ISP then connecting you directly to the websites you want to visit, you are connected to a server operated by the VPN provider. As your data passes through the VPN tunnel it is encrypted. As a result, it exits the tunnel with a new identity and continues to it’s intended destination. Now anyone monitoring your internet activity cannot know which websites you visit because all of your activity is  routed through the VPN tunnel. Your ISP and all the other “internet spies” can only see that you are connected to the VPN’s Server.

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